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- Facilities -

Distribution, Amenities and Spaces

We have wifi, fire extinguishers and emergency lights in all areas.

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- Facilities -

Entrance and Parking

Capacity for +20 vehicles.

Space for buses and minibuses

- Facilities -

Dinning Room

Our large dining room has: ​
Equipped professional kitchen
6 tables and 36 chairs.
Library and desk Lounge Blinds against wind and cold
2 bathrooms / 1 shower
Clay oven

- Facilities -

Workshop Building

Our two-story workshop building is built to host group activities such as retreats, workshops or talks.


It has a closed multi-purpose room with panoramic views ideal for yoga workshops, talks, team building, and more. It also includes a massage/treatment room, a projector screen and materials such as: Yoga mats, blocks, bolsters, blankets, straps and elastics for Pilates.


This is an open area for talks and practical workshops. It features an Acrylic board and a nighttime play area with giant Jenga, darts, and more.

- Facilities -


A design made taking advantage of its views, made so that the user feels comfortable.

Capacity: 24 people

8 rooms


• Hot water

• Luxury mattresses

• Laundry

• Lockers

• Common Terrace

• Balcony in each room

• Tea and coffee machines

• Shared upper bathroom and showers

- Lodging -

Rooms with shower and bathroom

2 Rooms with shower and private bathroom

(total 4 people) (couple or separate beds at ease)

• Private balcony

• Tea and coffee machine

• Sink in room

- Lodging -

Simple rooms

2 simple rooms

(total 4 people)
(couple or separate beds at ease)

• Private balcony

• Tea and coffee machine

• Sink in room

Note: This room uses a bathroom and shower on the upper floor

- Lodging -


4 rooms with 2 cabins (total 16 people)

Rooms also function as independent or double rooms. Each bed has curtains, its own light and a power strip to charge devices. Like each person has 4 shelves in a closet for personal stuff.

• Each room has a private terrace

• Tea and coffee machine on common terrace

• Shared showers and dry toilet