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A place where people

and nature grow together

Lumira is surrounded by forests and ravines with panoramic views from anywhere. 


With a homey design, we consider ourselves an ecotourism boutique project for the attention of retreats, workshops and private groups.

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Our Staff

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Meet our staff: nature lovers, curious minds and animal advocates.

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Owner/ Host

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Maitenance Manager

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Owner / Operations Manager

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Chef, Pastry Chef and Bartender


Transform the property through collective work and a personalized volunteer program, into an agricultural and tourist space, hosting educational, artistic and recreational workshops.


To be recognized, locally and globally, as a farm with a social and ecological impact, for the natural and culturally diverse environment, for the collective learning experience and the quality of our customer service.


1. Sustainability: We promote sustainable agricultural and tourism practices, respecting the ecological balance and caring for natural resources.


2. Authenticity: We value authenticity in all of our experiences, from interacting with farmers to cooking with local ingredients to immersing yourself in farming culture.


3. Hospitality: We strive to offer exceptional service, providing a warm welcome, personalized attention and making sure each group feels at home.


4. Education: We seek to provide educational and enriching experiences, promoting the understanding of sustainable agriculture, the importance of food production and the connection with nature.


5. Collaboration: We value collaboration with local farmers, communities and other organizations to promote rural development and positively contribute to local economic growth.


6. Respect: We are committed to respecting and valuing the cultural diversity, traditions and heritage of the region in which we operate, generating a positive impact on local communities.


7. Memorable Experience: We strive to create memorable experiences for each group, exceeding expectations and leaving a lasting impression on our guests.

- Get in contact with us -

Either if you want to receive more information about Lumira or if you made good friends here, you can contact us at the following link, it will be a pleasure to hear from you.

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